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Rescued by the Robot Enforcer

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In danger, protected by a faceless killing machine. I fight not just for survival, but to keep my heart in one piece.

Tisha Varda is the lone witness against a crime boss who rules the city with an iron fist. When the police fail to stop multiple attempts on her life, she decides she's had enough: she's out. Or she would be, if the cops hadn't forced a masked robot enforcer upon her to make her testify... no matter the cost.

ANSL-5.2, experimental autonomous sentinel, has one directive: Ensure Tisha's ass is in that courthouse to deliver her testimony.

But why did they have to make a killing machine look and sound like... well, that? ANSL-5.2 is the embodiment of a perfect weapon. Huge and decked out in all black armor, its face is shrouded in the void of a full-face visor. Its raspy baritone oozes assertive confidence, designed to intimidate and elicit compliance. It should not be making her stomach clench. And her face shouldn't feel so damn hot each time that visor slants her way across the room.

He's a faceless killing machine sent to keep her in line. Why'd they have to make him so damn sexy?

Rescued by the Robot Enforcer is a steamy sci-fi romance novella featuring a masked robot sentinel transcending his code when faced with the raw depths of human desire.

Note: This book is part of a shared multi-author series called Villains Do It Better. This story is set within my Hearts With Teeth universe.

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Customer Reviews


3 weeks ago

Robot/human romance novella

Tisha, the female human lead, is a semi-voluntary witness against a crime lord, who has just decided that the personal risks of testifying are too high and she wants to withdraw. The police, however, aren’t interested in letting her go and assign ANSL-5.2, the male-presenting robot lead, as her security.

But ANSL-5.2 is becoming more than a robot and is interested in Tisha as more than a protectee. Can they stay alive, uproot corruption, and have a happy life?

This novella is dual POV, well written, and a steamy sci fi romance. I enjoyed Tisha’s attitude and determination. I enjoyed the way they worked together and the character development for both of them. I enjoyed ANSL-5.2’s dry sense of humour and how processes and restrictions were slowly subverted.

I received a complimentary copy from the author and this is my voluntary honest review.