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Downfall: Enemies to Lovers Sci-Fi Romance (HWT #0)

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“Unknown vessel, leave Arvex Station Atlas territory immediately. Or just stay very still, maybe.”

Tez and her silent enemy had been at each other's throats for months, trying to shoot each other from the orbit of Arvex.

She always thought of the intruder as “it” because they were taught to eschew the enemy’s humanity for as long as possible. She’d studied its flight patterns intricately… maybe a little obsessively. It was an object—a target.

But then her target sent both of them crashing to the surface of the uninhabitable planet she was meant to be guarding. Now, trapped together in the remnants of a cramped fighter craft, Tez finds herself face-to-face with her enemy for the first time.

Fear grips her, yet it's not his forceful grip on her wrists as he towers over her that sends shivers down her spine. It's the electric charge that crackles between them, immobilizing her under the weight of his penetrating gaze.

Tez has been suppressing her compulsive curiosity about who exactly was in that enemy cockpit for weeks. Now, she's faced with the real thing... And he might be her downfall.

Downfall: Enemies to Lovers Sci-Fi Romance is a steamy novella in which seething animosity intertwines with undeniable desire within the tightest of spaces.

Word count: Approx. 27,500

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