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Command: Secret Alien Romance (HWT #2)


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He’s a vicious alien usurper who invaded her colony ship. She’s the loyal assistant to the ousted commander’s wife. They’re not supposed to be doing this.

When Alina Argoud found the invading commander Threxin bleeding out on her cabin-step, she couldn’t bring herself to finish the job his would-be assassin had started.

Threxin is a ruthless alien oppressor, notorious for invading Colossal and nearly expelling all humans into the void. He should be her worst enemy.

And yet she tends to his wounds in the secrecy of her cabin. She kneels at his side, hydrating the glowing blue gashes that trace his chiseled body. She watches with bated breath each time he stirs beneath her tending touch, unsure whether he’ll thank her or kill her when he wakes up.

Now Alina is caught in a web of secrets that deepens by the day. Why couldn’t she just let him die? And why, when Threxin finally wakes, can they not simply go back to the way things were?

They’re not supposed to be sneaking in each other’s cabins at night. She’s not supposed to crave the heat of his blazing eyes on her skin, or wonder what the addictive black poison he excretes might taste like on her lips.

But with each encounter, the lines of allegiance blur, and Alina begins to wonder if maybe there’s a chance for peace here... For coexistence with Threxin and his people. For something more, for both their kinds.

Or maybe she’s just looking for excuses to give in to her darkest desires.

Command: Secret Alien Romance is a steamy exploration of forbidden love that defies the boundaries of species and allegiances. It is the sequel to Colossal: Dark Romance in Deep Space.

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