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Colossal: Dark Romance in Deep Space (HWT #1)

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Two broken souls collide in the far reaches of space, blurring lines between pain and pleasure, addiction and desire, loathing and love.

Kaia never imagined her lifelong mission would lead to this: a sacrificial lamb on a colony ship, chosen to bear an heir for the ship’s ruthless soon-to-be commander. To Orion Halen, she’s a means to an end—a piece to play in his twisted game. But Kaia is no ordinary pawn.

Even as their machinations intertwine and secrets grow deep, an insatiable attraction takes root. A perilous dance of power and seduction ensues, blurring the lines between pleasure and pain. The predatory alien blood in Orion Halen’s veins makes him dangerous. Volatile. Addictive. There’s a cruel lure in his glacial eyes, and a mere touch threatens to expose a hunger Kaia can’t afford to let herself indulge. Because she’s hunting for something far more precious than her own survival.

Colossal: Dark Romance in Deep Space is a steamy science fiction romance novel where morally gray protagonists navigate treacherous desires in a slow burn that satisfies the senses and leaves the reader aching for more.

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