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Aliens' Thirst: The Complete Duet: Sharing Sci-Fi Romance (Host & Vice)

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One alien has possessed me, body and mind... And the other is just getting started.

First, my alien client possessed my body. Then he left Earth forever. Now a rogue shard of him remains within me. And he plays dirty.

The alien shard inside me tunes my body, manipulates my senses, and occupies my mind. I fight to resist his lure, but there’s no escape. Not even in my dreams, which he invades fervently. Incessantly.

How do I live with a creature that's intent on exposing my deepest needs and darkest desires? And what do I do when his alien creator returns to Earth, radiating a darkness that beckons me to the edge of an unknowable abyss?

One of them has already claimed me, body and mind. Now, the other wants to do the same. I'm caught between them and I'm terrified. But the scariest thing of all is... I think I'm starting to want them both.

Aliens’ Thirst is a complete duet that combines two interconnected books: Alien’s Host and Aliens’ Vice. It is a steamy science fiction sharing romance with plenty of spook and spice for the fall season.

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