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Alien's Host: A Sci-Fi Possession Romance (SoI #1)

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"Humans weren't built for this," he whispered. "You were too open. I had to bring you back, or you’d disappear.”


I didn't know how frustrating aliens could be until I got stuck with this golden giant on his ranch in the middle of a freak blizzard. The way he towers over me makes my breath hitch and his sharp eyes see right through me. Yet his aloof, condescending attitude towards humans makes me want to just get this job over with and go home.

But now, I'm lying injured in his bed.

And there's something crawling under my skin.

And I can't let myself relax.

Because if I do... I'm afraid I'm going to like it.


My new financial advisor is angry about being made to cancel her "Christmas" ritual, but easily placated with a dead tree and shiny objects. Just as we get down to business, however, she is injured on my watch.

Now we're trapped, she's hurt, and I know of only one way to help her.

But when I initialize the healing process of molding, I learn first hand how greedy and hungry a human female can be, no matter how hard she tries to fight her base instincts. And now that we've molded... I realize I'm hungry, too.

Alien's Host: A Sci-Fi Possession Romance is a spicy science fiction romance featuring alien possession and being stuck together in (very) close quarters.

This story was originally published in the Unwrapping the Alien anthology. It contains a revised ending with three additional chapters.

You will get a TXT (502B) file

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